Here a list of all our future projects after 2020 :

  • Alexandrium Shopping Mall, Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
  • Thialf Ice Skating Stadion,  Heerenveen (the Netherlands)
  •  HQ Roof Concrete Builder, Friesland (the Netherlands)
  • Stadsarchief Monument building, Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
  • Large Concrete Manufacturer, Netherlands “New innovative Tiles” (the Netherlands)
  • Wooden benches, Amsterdam diverse parks (the Netherlands)
  • Renovation Museum, Maluku (Indonesia)
  • New Port, (Indonesia)


A list of all our past projects before 2015:

  • Harbour,Amsterdam West (Netherlands)
  •  Vogelenzang, Bloemendaal (the Netherlands)
  • Dalenlaan stairway, Santpoort (the Netherlands)
  • Villa Pardoes, Kaatsheuvel (Netherlands)
  • Colloseum, Rome (Italy)
  • Hoge School van Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Zorgvliet Cementary, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Technopolis, (Finland)
  • Amstelveen College, Amstelveen (Netherlands)
  • City downhill, Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Public Swimming Pool Sloterparkbad, Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
  • The 9 streets heart of Unesco World heritage, Amsterdam  (The Netherlands)
  • Amsterdam Station South and Station Bijlmer Arena , Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
  • Dutch Military Equipment (tents, raincoats), coated in Shanghai (China)

Our old website was: www.nwtinternational.eu

We kept our old website. You can read here more about our projects. We did not update this website since end of 2015. 

But the phone numbers/ addresses are old and no longer belong to our company. 

Please inform us if you need R&D information: we can redirect you to one of our specialist.