New Way Technologies (International)


We are an innovative organisation, that exist for than 20 years (founded in 2001) aiming to make a real contribution our society. We our proud on our sustainable innovative products and  started  coatings and primers. Unfortunately our company had a misfortune in 2013 and our entire factory and office space burned down. The old owner was also too old to restart again. Luckily with  little persuasion we were able to restart again around 2014 and a new company was founded in 2016 with new shareholders and new managementteam, with the  New Way Technologies as a trade name. 

New Vision & Strategy 

The new management team were  involved with the company since 2001, but not as employees  but as external consultants. Since our products sells itself in The Netherlands, the new managementteam started working on  new vision, strategy and clear goals around 2014 – 2016.

Since it was the dream of the old owner to expand internationally our focus has been on exploring to sell our innovative products in other countries. The old owner lived in Indonesia, so in the Middle East we have our entire network of partners. But also North and South America were countries that one of the new managers lived and established a wide network as well. 

 Besides to exploring and selling our products internationally, we aso decided to give more education on the products itself. We noticed there was a general lack of understanding how innovative our products actually are. 

We give on site trainings, online workshops for all interested parties. Please contact us at whatsapp :+31(0)616343041 for more information about these possibilities.

In the past we had  our own product location of 4.500 square metres Almere. Were we owned our own our lab in the past, still we have an elaborate research a & development departement, production, sales and processing of environmentally safe coatings and impregnation products. This was  all  based on sustainable environmentally friendly technologies . We also work with and sell biologically degradable cleaning products based on enzymes.

Currently we do not have an office building anymore, 100% working form home and we meet instandard ‘meet & greet’ office. By orgin we were a Dutch company. But we grewn into an international team.  Our team coordinates product training & workshops & demonstrations on all our products. 

3 of our product we are very proud are:  Nanotechnology coatings for Stone/Bricks Coating , Fire Retardant Coating  and Ceramic Fire Retarded Coating. 

Our Coatings are based on 'Sustainable Nanotechnology'?

What is this?

The word ‘nano’ comes from the Greek ‘nanos’, meaning dwarf. The essence of nanotechnology is manipulation of individual atoms and molecules to build different structures with a fundamentally different molecular organisation. This technique makes it possible to work with particles of the size of nanometres (one billionth of a metre). This scale is just above that of an atom (0.060 nm to 0.275 nm), or simple molecule. Criterium is that the structure is at least one dimension less than 100 nm in size.

What makes us Unique?

Environmentally Friendly

Our aim is protection of any material in our living environment against negative influences.

100% Sustainable

The environment will be less burdened and we will be able to work in a more sustainable way with raw materials.

Extending Lifespan

By extending the lifespan and adding new and extraordinary attributes to materials the environment will be less burdened.

Examples of materials that can be treated (not exhaustive)

Advantages and attributes that can be added to the material

Oil / Water / Alkaline Repellent
The surface becomes water, oil, alkaline and acid repellent 93%
No negative influence on the materials
No adverse influence on the visible characteristics of the material 96%
Greater Wear Resistance
Greater resistance to wear 94%
Chemical and thermal resistance
Chemical and thermal resistance 98%
High UV stability
High UV stability 92%
Heat and cold resistance from +150˚C / -40˚C
Heat and cold resistance from +150˚C / -40˚C 90%
Bacterial and germ repellent
Bacterial and germ repellent 93%
Filling of existant small cracks in the surface (3D effect)
Filling of existant small cracks in the surface (3D effect) 92%
Heat and cold resistance from +150˚C / -40˚C
Heat and cold resistance from +150˚C / -40˚C 90%
Pressure resistant to 60 bar
Pressure resistant to 60 bar 92%

By applying our products to existing materials, we can extend the lifespan of treated materials. This will enable you to work in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way with raw materials.

The treated material will also be easier to clean because pollutants cannot readily adhere to the treated material anymore. This will lead to cost savings on cleaning agents, labour and maintenance and it improves the visual aspect of the treated surfaces. It is also possible with some materials to obtain an antibacterial and anti-pathogenic action.
Our product line consists of many standardised products that can be applied to many materials, but we can also develop products in cooperation for application to a specific material.

Video contains our old address and phone number. No longer applicable. Our new phone number is +31(0)84-8340181.