Ceramic Coating Characteristics

Below Movie is Stereofoam Plates + 3 mm Fire retarded Coating: Tested by 'Dutch Fire Brigade'


Easy Application

It's like a 'sophisticated paint'. You just need a paint roller and a simple paintroller bucket.

CO2 Reduction

By using our product, you will lower the CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Emissions

Easy Transport

Simple buckets of 5 liter or Sacks of 20 Kg. Its looks like cement.

Snowy Winters

No longer a Problem. our Coating can be applied on surface with temperature between -10 °C and 0 °C

Hot Climate/ Temperatures

Our Coating can be easy applied in temperatures between 0 °C and 40 °C (note: no direct sunlight)

Ceramic 'Fire Retarded Coating' can be used as a 'Replacement for Cement'

Examples how to use our Ceramic (Fire Retarded) Coating:

Solar Panels Roofs

Applicable on roofs with Solar Panels. The cables or the whole roof.

Roadcrack in 15 minutes

No more Traffic Jams due to Road repairs. Our product dries very quickly.

Residential Buildings

For these type of buildings you can use our products for inner site walls (the walls that devide the spaces).

Battery Storage Units/ Buildings

Datacenters, Block chain centers, Solar battery storage facilities, IT cloud server backup facilities. Especially when the Insurance Company / Goverment demands a 'Fire Program'.

Fireproof Storage Buildings

All types of warehouse with storage of products can be made 'fire retarded'. For example storage of: Oil, Minerals, Chemicals, Salt, Grain, Fruits, Food etc.

Goverment buildings

Insurance Companies demand a fire prevention program. Our product garantees a Dutch type A fire certification. Also Governments demands severe strict fire preventions.

Road & Subway Tunnels

Make concrete subway/ train tunnels fire retarded.

Government & Insurance Regulations

Government Regulations are very strict

Our ceramic coating has certificates that are tested by independed institues recognized by Government Agencies in the Netherlands & Europe.

Insurance Companies Regulations

Since the Greenfield tower, insurance companies are demanding higher regulations of fire prevention. Our product can give you the highest insurance garantee.

General Fire Preventation Measures

Every building should have a fire extinguisher, a fire alarm, good evacuation instructions, but also our product can help by extending the 'time when fire start'until people are evacuated out of the building by 30-60 minutes.

Ceramic Coating : Features with using Stereofoam Panels

The building technique we use is called a SBI panel building technique. Or simplified building with Styrofoam panels coated with NTW ceramic coating. These panels are specially designed for building in in all climates. Our panel houses are designed to build quicker, leaner and smarter. SBI is contributing to a sustainable future of houses / office buildings in any country. Your building is normally built with concrete and steel, only we use our special coated panels instead of concrete.

Our SBI panel house can be built in 1-3 days, building them is 50% quicker than normal concrete houses. SBI house owners get freedom of design and the houses are low on maintenance. The fire-retardant panels make sure the panel houses do no burn, enough time to leave in case of fire.

Easy to build

Fire retardent

Water repellent

Quick installation

Example Movie how to build with Ceramic Coated Panels: