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Pollution is added to the usual dirt, which attaches itself to a surface. It develops on the material of the metal, wood, plastic, etc. Metal is most sensitive to oxidation (rust, greenish blue copper stains and more). Other visible chemical substances can also come into being, dependent on different pollutants. When plastic is attacked, it forms a crust when softeners are extracted from the plastic, due to ultraviolet radiation.

Before the application of a coating or impregnation the surface has to be thoroughly cleaned.
The field staff of New Way Technologies cleans and degreases the surface, removes rust and dirt deposits, before applying the coating or impregnation.
With our nano and nano-hybrid coatings we can treat any kind of material and prevent pollutants from attacking the surface. Our coatings also make cleaning very simple, quicker, easier and more cost effective.

Cleaning agents

New Way Technologies also uses Biological cleaning agents. In the light of our environmentally friendly approach we have invested a new line of biologically degradable cleaning products, based on enzymes.
The Biological cleaning agents (based on enzymes) we offer:

Bio Multicleaner liquid:
This is an industrial cleaning agent based on enzymes. It can be used for daily hygienic cleaning of floors, tools and materials used in the kitchens, food service industry. It can be used to clean ovens, stoves, exhaust hoods, deep fryers, cutting surfaces, dishwashing, etc.
Bio Multicleaner liquid can also be used out of doors to clean garden furniture (plastic as well as wood or metal), sunscreens, patio tiles, etc.
Bio Multicleaner liquid can be used to clean garage floors (to remove oil stains, grease, etc.), to clean cars, vans, caravans, and artificial materials like PVC.

Bio Sanicleaner:
This is a safe, mildly alkaline cleaning agent for daily cleaning of toilets, baths, bathrooms, sauna’s, swimming pools, etc.
It degreases and has a light decalcifying action and because of the agreeable scent rooms will stay fresh for longer.

These BIO cleaners are available for the industrial and retail market.